A little celebration


Today was my dad’s birthday. A man who has showered me with unconditional love, given me the wonderful life I live today and who has made all my dreams and aspirations possible.


Although he’s always tried to ensure that celebrations for my birthdays are grand, he has always downplayed his own. He prefers, at most, a small gathering; so we decided to spend it with family. We arranged for an array of traditional food, cake from our favourite bakery in Bangladesh, a variety of Bangladeshi sweets and made the evening a little colourful with a bouquet of orchids, lilies and chrysanthemums.


I love baking and I usually bake for his birthday, but unfortunately as Ramadan is one of the busiest times of the year for Nabila, I had to spend the majority of my day at work.

So what did I wear for his little birthday celebration? One of my favourite anarkalis.


Dress: Nabila

It’s a fully hand embroidered white anarkali with brightly coloured piping on the bottom of the dress and the ends of the sleeves. The dress has a cotton lining and the embroidery has been done on the top, net layer.


I know some people shy away from the colours of the piping (which include orange, purple, neon green, blood orange, canary yellow and magenta) but I feel like everyone should give such colours a try at least once. You never know what you may suit you or what you may love on yourself.

I also put on my white and silver wedge heel sandals. These wedge sandals, despite the size of the heel, are highly comfortable (platform heels are a lifesaver) and can be very versatile.


Dress: Nabila

My mom on the other hand opted for much softer colours. She wore a beige anarkali with off white embroidery. With her hair pulled back and just the perfect amount of jewellery, I thought she looked so elegant.

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