Eid-al-Fitr 2015: Part I


I have always been rather picky when it comes to wearing pastels, beige and nudes, but as soon as I saw this dress I knew that this Eid I would be dressing myself in beige.

IMG_8162Dress: Nabila

The intricate hand embroidery in white pops against the soft beige tone underneath and makes the dress look gorgeous without going over the top. The bottom of the dress and the sleeves have been bordered with benarasi silk. Benarasi silk is finely woven silk, which is decorated with elaborate designs embroidered in gold plated threads. The silk originates and is created in the city of Varanasi, India.

IMG_8156 Dress: Nabila

Because the dress has no sequins or crystals, and uses neutral tones such as beige, gold and black, it looks exceptionally elegant without looking flashy. Only the neckline is studded with pearls, which eliminates the necessity of a necklace.

 DSC_4194 (1)

I wore the dupatta on the side so that the bold black borders on the dupatta stand vertically, and add a little bit of height.

Eid is a day on which I try to meet as many friends and family possible thus the comfort of my dress is always a priority. This dress largely made of net is not particularly heavy, allowing me to be comfortable throughout the day. The fit of the dress is also perfect, not too loose, not too tight, which allowed me to move around and eat (you have to eat everywhere on Eid) with ease.

Eid is not a one-day celebration, and I will soon be posting about the other outfits I chose to wear during my Eid celebrations. Stay tuned!

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