Eid-al-Fitr 2015: Part II


On day two of Eid, I wanted to look completely different from day one. From the colour and styling of my dress to my make-up and hair, I wanted none of it to look the same.


Dress: Nabila

I chose a coral and black dress with gold detailing. The styling and silhouette of the kameez (suit) is rather unique as it is shorter in the front and is longer and flowy at the back.

However, what stands out most for me in this attire are the pants. Quite often, in the case of kameezes and anarkalis, the bottoms are left plain as they are hidden from view due to the long dress. This is certainly not the case here as the largely coral pants have a bold design in black and gold with gold embroidery.


On the first look, the pants are not entirely visible and only peek out from underneath the georgette dress, however, when you take a seat or climb up a set of stairs, the detailing in the pants become visible look beautiful.

Other features of my liking include the neckline and back. They are very form flattering as the contrasting colours and clear lines give the appearance of straight and slender shoulders. They have also been embellished beautifully with traditional, floral embroidery with gold threads and sequins.



Dress: Nabila

In my opinion, the dress had the perfect amount of bling for the occasion. The dupatta has small, 2mm metallic sequins dispersed across the body, giving it a little bit of shine and twinkle.


My mom also wore a georgette dress, however, the styling of her kameez was different to that of mine. The kameez has been adorned with silk thread embroidery, zardozi embroidery and a touch of crystals. The fit of the dress also assures comfort.


Dress: Nabila

It’s also very difficult to get my mom to take a photo so I’m glad I got one!

My dad and brother wore panjabis on the night and as the occasion was being celebrated in the evening they chose to wear darker colours. My dad wore a midnight blue silk panjabi with black embroidery. A large portion of the panjabi has been embroidered, however, given that midnight blue and black are close in shade, it does not look overdone.

IMG_8197 (1)

Panjabi: Nabila

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