Summer Wedding

IMG_8762 IMG_8770

Recently, I the attended the wedding reception of a friend with whom I went to school with, Farhan. Now, a wedding reception in Bangladesh is somewhat different to what one would find receptions to be like in places such as Australia, the US or continental Europe.

Although the reception follows the wedding ceremony, it does not place on the same day. Here, weddings involve week-long (often multiple week-long) festivities, and the bride and groom’s families take turns in hosting and organising the events (more on this in my future posts).

For this summer wedding, I decided to adorn summer colours and also decided to wear my favourite female attire; the saree. If worn properly, I truly believe it is one of the most form-flattering pieces of clothing.


The saree was bright canary yellow in colour on one half a beautiful strawberry pink on another, and it was paired with an embellished, short sleeved contrasting, aquamarine blouse.

The pink portion of the saree is constructed of net, however, the portion that sits on the top half of my body is chiffon. The net gives the saree a good fall (as it gives it a little ‘fluff’), whereas the chiffon sits perfectly on the body.

IMG_8786Two-tone sarees constructed of two different materials are not a very common finding, especially when it comes to sarees with a contrasting blouse.

I absolutely love the play on colours here. I love how the pink that appears on the bottom half of the saree is used on the underside of the yellow portion and I also love the how aquamarine colour of the blouse is reflected subtly on the border of the saree and within the embroidery. Although the saree is multicoloured, no colour feels out of place.

IMG_8788 IMG_8791There are two forms of embroidery on this saree; one is ari embroidery, which is done with beads and crystals, and the other is zardozi, which is done with gold plated threads called zari. The embroidery has been done entirely by hand.

I also like how one half of the saree has been left relatively simple compared to the other. This, in addition to adding to the beauty of the saree, keeps it light and allows you to wear in a variety of different manners. In the pictures, I have demonstrated two ways in which one may choose to carry their saree. You can fold the material at the end of the saree, called the achol, over your shoulder and pin it, or you can choose to only pin one corner of the material and let the chiffon fall over the shoulder.

IMG_8764The event itself was beautifully decorated, the food was delicious and the bride and groom looked amazing. It was also the perfect opportunity to meet and catch up with the friends I spent my formative years with. Overall, a great night!

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