A Twist on Traditional: The Checkered Kanchipuram


Saree: Nabila

A traditional saree is always a fail-safe choice for an evening out and I personally believe that anyone, of any age, can find one that that’s perfect for them.


The saree pictured here is one the most popular forms of traditional sarees; the kanchipuram. Kanchipuram sarees, as their name would suggest originated in the Indian city of Kanchipuram, in the state of Tamil Nadu. Original kanchipuram silk sarees woven from pure mulberry silk and gold plated threads (zari) and are created by skilled, expert weavers in the south of India.

IMG_9222 (2)

Saree: Nabila

The sarees are adorned with traditional motifs, including abstract flowers, flower buds, leaves, peacocks, suns and stars and these motifs are woven into the saree with silk and gold threads. Recently, however, a newer trend has seeped into this very traditional realm, and that is of geometric patterns.

This saree here, although traditional and in its design in the achol (also known as the pallu), is checkered throughout the rest of the body. The traditional motifs appear in the black achol of the saree, reminding us of rich heritage of the saree, yet they remain absent from the rest of it. Even the gold in the par (border) that borders the saree is subtle, and only gives a glimmer of shine. This allows for the quality of the silk be the star of the saree.

I decided to a add a little bit of bling to the ensemble by putting on one of my mom’s beautiful pieces of jewellery (I love her collection and frequently borrow) and strapping on a pair of crystal studded stiletto heels. With that, a statement ring and bold red lips, I was all ready to go.


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