A Holud in Melbourne

A few days ago, Naveed and I were invited to a Holud right here in Melbourne. For my non-bengali friends out there who are wondering what a Holud is, it is a pre wedding ritual involving the application of a special turmeric (holud literally translates to turmeric) paste onto the face and bodies of the bride and groom. I know the thought of applying a pure paste of turmeric onto your body is not the most appealing thought, but the paste that is prepared for the this occasion is enhanced with more aromatic ingredients such as sandalwood and rosewater. In the Bengali and Indian culture, the custom is believed to contribute to a variety of factors, starting from the beautification of the bride and groom for the special day, to their prosperity in their future lives.

2015-09-05 21.10.10

Dress: Nabila
20150905_205444 (2)

Kurta: Nabila

So what did I choose to wear on this occasion? Naveed and I both wore attires that follow the style and trends popular in Pakistan (because why not mix elements from all parts of the sub-continent?). The Pakistani style of clothing has also recently gained popularity amongst the population of Bangladesh, where women are often seen wearing long kameezes with palazzo bottoms. The kabuli kurta (that Naveed is wearing), too has gained popularity as a number of Bollywood celebrities have been sporting this style. For all my Bollywood fans out there, the traditional attires of Salman Khan in his latest Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Saif Ali Khan in Phantom fall into this category of Pakinstani influenced kurtas. 
 2015-09-04 21.32.47

2015-09-04 21.34.14

2015-09-05 20.47.08

Wardrobe: Nabila

Neither of our garments had and any sequins and crystals and that is exactly how we liked it for this occassion. Naveed in particular is extremely picky about his traditional attires and he loved this one for its simplicity of design and colour.

My favourite aspect of my dress was the siloutte of the dress which is shorter in the front and longer at the back. This combined with flowy chiffon material, gave the dress a nice flow when I walked around (and danced) at the event.

2015-09-05 21.14.12

The bride was a in beautiful yellow and magenta saree and she accessorized her look with floral jewellery that is traditionally worn in the Holud ceremony. Needless to say, she looked stunning.

2015-09-04 21.26.03

I also had the opportunity to do her wedding henna! I love applying henna on my friends and family but rarely get a chance to do it in Melbourne. Unfortunately we were running on short on time had to rush the application, I loved being able to beautify her hands with her wedding henna.

2015-09-04 17.18.49

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