Simplicity: Colours and Prints


Saree: Nabila

I’ve always reserved sarees for special occasions such as weddings or cultural/religious festivities. This has largely been because despite loving the attire, I’ve found alternatives such as kameezes (suits) more comfortable to wear on a regular basis. However, lately, succumbing to my love for the garment, I decided to increase the occasions on which I wore them, and to my delight I found that certain types of sarees are in fact much easier to wear and carry than others. Sarees made of chiffon and georgette, which use colours and patterns instead of added embellishments (such as the one pictured here) can be extremely lightweight, easy to wear and drape.


Why this design? I love bright, bold colours and strong prints, but combining all three can sometimes be tricky. I love this saree becaue it’s managed to do exactly that; the magenta, green, royal blue and white all stand in stark contrast to one another, which minimises the need for any detailing, such as sequins and embroidery commonly found on sarees, unnecessary. The print also on appears on one half of the body, whilst the rest of the body has contrasting colours but is relativity plain.

IMG_9159 (1)

Saree: Nabila

The colours and patterns used come together to form a complete look. The colour of the achol/pallu (end of the saree) is reflected in the royal blue pattern on the otherwise white bottom half of the body, and the magenta in the blouse is reflected in the fine detailing of the par (border) of the entire saree.


There is only a touch of golden in the par (border), however, if you want to bring out the gold out in your look, you can do so by simply adding gold accessories.

IMG_9146 (1)

Saree: Nabila

It’s lightweight, comfortable, east to wear and suitable for a wide array of occasions or events. The saree is also affordable and easy on your wallet, so perfect for a quick buy before a small occasion.


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