Prints and Patterns: The A-Line skirt

I don’t usually blog about my non-traditional attires, but as Shamima Nabi had this skirt especially crafted for me, I had to make an exception.


One of the biggest reasons I despise winter and adore spring/summer is because the warmth of the warmer seasons lets me dress in beautiful, colourful and comfortable skirts and dresses. I’m currently in Australia, where we’re leaving behind the gloom of winter and embracing the sunshine and outdoor celebrations that come with spring.


My friends Naila and Naveela recently celebrated their 21st birthday and on this occasion I decided to wear a skirt that my very talented mother sent to me as a gift. As she is a fashion designer, she is constantly designing and searching for/ sourcing new prints and patterns, and although she generally designs traditional attires (such as sarees, kameezes (suits), and lehangas) she sometimes makes an exception and creates dresses for me as well (I’m very lucky).


With the birthday twins! Naila and Naveela

She came across a beautiful winter-wonderland-esque print and decided to craft one of my favourite types of skirts– the A-line skirt. I love these skirts so much because of how flattering they are, especially on my body type. As much as I love my pencil skirts, the mere fact that a skirt such as this one lets me eat as much as I want whilst not having to worry about a food baby, makes it the clear winner in my books. I’m a foodie, and food plays an integral part of my enjoyment of any event or activity.

Most A-line skirts that I come across are mid-length, so I loved the fact that this was made full-length. I love it when I’m able to look slightly out of the ordinary (in terms of style) and I think this skirt, being not-so-common gives me the opportunity to do so, especially if I’m pairing it with a nice top.


For the birthday celebrations, I decided to wear a full-sleeved, cut-out crop-top which was an impulse buy on ASOS. As the skirt is of a neutral colour, you could really pair it with a very wide variety of tops. For example, I have a sleeveless silver sequined crop top that I could easily wear with this skirt if I wanted to dress up for a night out.

The pleats, the print and the silhouette, all the elements together, makes this skirt one favourites!

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