Silk with a touch of neon

Saree: Nabila

In my search for comfortable sarees, I often come across ones made of pure silk. The softness of the material, the ease with which you can drape the material, and the lightness of the fabric are all factors that appeal to me. Of course, traditional kachipuram sarees, such as the one I previously posted about (click here to see the post) are also made of silk and are generally fit for any occasion that warrants a saree, but sometimes to change up my look I stay away from the traditional motifs and and entirely and opt for a saree such as this one.

It can however, sometimes be difficult to find a non-traditional silk saree that you can dress up for an event or occasion, as often the dressier sarees are crafted with golden/ silver threads or have embellishments/ embroidery. However, in my opinion, a saree made of high-quality material that uses bold colours and/ or has a unique and artistic print is perfect for looking glamorous (sans bling) for a bigger occasion. To me, they represent understated elegance, and the are kind of attire that draw peoples eyes without crying for attention.

IMG_8893 (1)

I found this saree to be exactly that. The print is one which is not often found on sarees and the contrasting, bright colours against the white body really make the peacock feather inspired design stand out. I paired the saree the with a dark royal blue velvet blouse in order to bring out the blue in the achol/pallu (the end of the saree). Although the saree comes with a silk blouse, I added my own little touch by playing with the materials and using velvet with gold pipin.

Saree: Nabila

In order to bring out the warmer tones in the saree, I accessorised with gold, including golden shoes.


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