My Bangladeshi Wedding: My look for the Pre-Engagement Dala Exchange

FotoArt NDala (448)


The dress I chose to wear on the night of our Pre-Engagement Dala Exchange was designed by my mother, Shamima Nabi, and is a part of her designer collection. It’s a high-waisted, two-layered lehanga, which features both floral prints and geometric designs. Floral prints are extremely popular right now and add a pop of colour and vibrance to any attire, however, to ensure that the print is not too ‘in-your-face’ a navy blue net overlay has been added to the skirt. The net is adorned with small blue rhinestones which glimmer in the light and look especially beautiful when the skirt flows with movement.

FotoArt NDala (407)

With my dearest mother, the designer of the dress, dalas and the orchestrator of the entire event

FotoArt NDala (453)

My favourite part of this dress, however, is the unique design of the blouse (top). The geometric lines on the sleeves of the blouse contrasts the floral print on the skirt, and the bateau neckline also flatters the décolletage and neck. The neckline has also been enhanced with hand-selected buttons that reflect the blue and gold detailing in the dress.

FotoArt NDala (410)

The dress also comes with a large, orange dupatta, which has a two-tone, velvet navy blue, and orange border. The ends of the dupatta has also been decorated with a thick, intricate gold lace, which appears around bottom of the skirt as well.

FotoArt NDala (462)

Dress: Shamima Nabi of Nabila


FotoArt NDala (357)

Me, Naveed’s mother, and my parents

The main set of jewellery I wore was a gift from Naveed’s family. It was gifted to me in in my dala (click here to see our dalas) and Naveed’s mom put it on me during the event.

FotoArt NDala (348)FotoArt NDala (349)

I also decided to wear my favourite gold ring, and bangles to complete the look.


FotoArt NDala (455)

It’s common practice to get your make-up professionally done for such events, however, as I am a make-up enthusiast myself and often do make-up for others on their special events, I chose to do my own make-up. I opted for light lips with relatively dark eyes and glowy skin and contoured and highlighted my face to be photo-ready.

Another reason why I avoided getting my make-up done is because in Bangladesh, beauty salons/parlours usually apply an excessive amount of make-up on the brides. An excessive use of foundation and concealer and that too in the incorrect shade (usually, it’s much too light) is common, as is the use of too much-eyesadhow (that matches the exact shade of the dress – I dislike this as well). Another practice that is popular, but I dislike with a passion is use of false lashes which look plastic and completely unrealistic, and so I tried to use some that looked relatively real. Whenever, I apply make-up on myself or another, I always to enhance the natural look and features instead of altering them.

FotoArt NDala (472)

FotoArt NDala (476)FotoArt NDala (474)

FotoArt NDala (450)

Dress: Shamima Nabi of Nabila

Here are a few of photos of me and Naveed from the event (click here to see Naveed’s look for the night). In my next posts, I’ll be writing about what we did on the night, and following that, will be posts about our engagement 🙂

FotoArt NDala (345)FotoArt NDala (388)FotoArt NDala (391)FotoArt NDala (392)

FotoArt NDala (484)UPLOAD1

FotoArt NDala (335)

Naveed and my attires: Nabila

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