The Pre-Engagement Dala Exchange – The Event

This final post about our Pre-Engagement Dala Exchange is about the event itself and the activities that took place that night. 

The event took place at my house, which was beautifully decorated by my mother. Our dalas/ gifts to the groom (click here to see the dalas/gifts) were displayed in our main drawing room before the arrival of our guests, the groom’s family, and members of my  extended family, my closest cousins, aunts and uncles arrived early in order to greet the groom’s family at our door and welcome them into our home. 

FotoArt NDala (3)FotoArt NDala (4)

FotoArt NDala (68)

FotoArt NDala (67)FotoArt NDala (2)

 FotoArt NDala (5)

As it’s customary for the bride or groom’s siblings, cousins and friends to deliver the dalas to the other’s home, Naveed’s sisters along with their partners, Naveed’s cousins and his sisters-in-law arrived first (Naveed and his parents arrived later) with all the dalas they had prepared for me and my family.  Their dalas were displayed opposite ours, allowing all the guests in attendance to see both the gifts, and the effort the bride and groom’s families had put into decorating them.

FotoArt NDala (72)

Members of my family waiting to receive guests 

FotoArt NDala (77)

Naveed’s family bringing in my massive dress dala (this was a difficult task to say the least)

FotoArt NDala (82)FotoArt NDala (83)

Bringing my dalas into our home 

Another large purpose of this event was the introduction of Naveed’s family to my immediate family, especially, my dear grandmother. As his family live in Melbourne, this was the perfect opportunity for them to meet my family in a relaxed environment before the actual engagement. 

FotoArt NDala (252)

FotoArt NDala (245)

FotoArt NDala (269)FotoArt NDala (144)FotoArt NDala (150)



my lovely mother

FotoArt NDala (290)

my dearest father 
FotoArt NDala (275)

FotoArt NDala (206)

FotoArt NDala (216)

Upload8FotoArt NDala (273)

After the meeting with my family members, a small ceremony took place in which Naveed’s mom put on a set of of jewellery on me. This jewellery was gifted to me by her, and I absolutely loved it (Bangaldeshi brides/brides-to-be are lucky)!

FotoArt NDala (357)

Next, it was time for us to feast. We had arranged a buffet of traditional Bangladeshi food, which I believe is one of the most underrated cuisine’s out there. I could write pages about the divine taste of just Bangladesh biryanis on its own  (out of the hundreds of other things) but I’ll save that for another time. 

FotoArt NDala (269)

The event however, wasn’t quite over at the end of the night, as my brother, cousins, nieces and nephews were invited to Naveed’s home the very next day for the delivery of Naveed’s dalas and another exquisite feast. 

That’s all for the Pre-Engagement event, here’s the link to the video and the trailer of the video for that evening. Enjoy! 

FotoArt NDala (495)FotoArt NDala (496)

FotoArt NDala (345)

My dress: Designed by Shamima Nabi of Nabila

Naveed’s attire (panjabi, jacket, shoes), my dad’s panjabi, my brother’s panjabi: Nabila

My mother’s dress: Designed by Shamima Nabi of  Nabila

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