Naveed’s look for the Engagement and my crash course in men’s fashion

FNF (322)I’ve long admired well-tailored suits, but it was during the six months before the engagement that I truly learned and understood the details and intricacies of a perfectly tailored suit or tuxedo. Naveed has always been picky about his suits, but for his engagement, he needed perfection and so a custom tuxedo that was tailored exactly to his body, from a company that is trusted for its suiting seemed appropriate to us.

We spent multiple days trying on different suits and tuxedos to see which suiting company had the best tailoring for his body type. Now with Naveed its particularly tricky as he’s got broad shoulders and a smaller waist, making tailoring without dents and creases a much more difficult task. So after plenty of searching and tons of advice, we decided that it would have to be a suit or tuxedo from Emerdegilo Zegna.

FotoArt F-01 (34)FNF (57)We loved the beautifully crafted black tuxedo, with wide peaked lapels (I learned so much about lapels during this time), that was on display at the Collins Street store (Melbourne, Australia), however, there was one small problem and that was the colour, black. In both our families, our mothers consider the colour black an inauspicious colour for any wedding or pre-wedding festivities, and it’s a sentiment that is echoed by many, but not all Bangladeshi families. Keeping this in consideration, we decided to opt for the colour navy. Now we know that many will argue that a tux jacket can only come in black, midnight blue or white, but we decided to switch it up a little and add a pop of colour and individuality.

FNF (55)FNF (58)

Breaking the rules a little more, we also decided that the bow tie would be a two-toned, purple and antique gold combination. Oh and we also wanted a cummerbund, that too, not in black but in purple. Of course having such specific demands, we realised that we were not going find the bow-tie and cummerbund ready-made, and so, my mom brought in Thai silk in those specific colours from Thailand for the bow tie and cummerbund, which were to be constructed in Australia. To our disappointment we found that not many stores in Melbourne actually make cummerbunds, and we had to make countless phone calls and had to literally walk through thunderstorms to find a place that was experienced and willing to construct them. Finally, after oh so much searching we found Trevor West in South Yarra, where Ian was willing to make both the bow tie and cummerbund to our specifications.  The upside of this process, was that after surfing through endless catalogs, websites, and magazine articles, my knowledge on men’s formal wear had increased many-fold.


The entire process of having the suit made was very long, we had to go into go in for measurements, wait for multiple weeks whilst the suit was being constructed in Europe, go in for multiple final fittings afterwards and of course had to dedicate more time trying to find the appropriate accessories as well. But was the whole process worth it? Absolutely! We absolutely loved the opportunity to hand pick everything, from the buttons to the material of the lining, to the styling of the lapels and pockets and were extremely pleased with the final product.

FotoArt F-01 (243)FNF_0262

To complete the look, Naveed chose to wear a white dress shirt with a winged collar and black buttons, and keeping with the formal look he also chose to wear classic black, leather, lace-up shoes  (‘Prindo’- by Hugo Boss). As a finishing touch, he added a lapel pin with a small purple flower and a plain antique gold pocket square. The hints of purple in his outfit perfectly complimented my attire, and we had achieved exactly the look we had hoped for.


FotoArt F-01 (49)



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