Starting Make-up Artistry: Flawless by Nabila Nabi

Beauty products have fascinated me since I was a child, and I have long been interested in make-up, make-up application techniques and make-up styles. For a long time, I have also been doing make-up for my friends and family at their requests, however never really thought of starting my own make-up artistry, until my own engagement. As I’m very picky about make-up, and have undertaken courses in make-up, I thought of doing my own and I was extremely glad I did.

Ever since my engagement, the numbers of requests increased significantly, and I thought, why not start make-up artistry? Given that I have undertaken make-up courses and have received plenty of positive feedback from friends, family and acquaintances, I thought starting this new endeavor!

So here’s starting Flawless by Nabila Nabi! ( )

I’m based in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Melbourne, Australia. I work in both countries and travel between them.

Below are a few samples of the work I have done 🙂

Naila’s make-up for a night out: Glammed up cut crease in black and gold and brown lipsUpload 2 (2)

My Engagement make-up: For my engagement, I decided to do my own make-up. Inspired by the colours of the orchid, I wanted to enhance (not alter) my natural features

Upload 18 (2)


Denise’s make-up: Contour, highlight and smokey eyes

DeniseFlawless (2)

Rashmi’s make-up: Subtle pink tones, glowing skin and soft antique gold eyes for a dinner partyFlawless 9

Pastel smokey eyes and nude-pink lips

Upload 8

Naveela’s make-up: A soft cut-crease and light pink lips

Flawless 3 (2)

Naila’s make-up: Old Hollywood glam

Upload 4

Black and gold cut crease – attending a wedding in Dhaka

Upload 13

My make-up for the Bengali new year (red and white being the tradtional colours)


Zaiba’s make-up

Upload 1

Fariba apu’s make-up: Soft smokey eyes and brick-brown lips

Upload 6

Tri-colour eyes

Upload 7

Day-time glam: Winged eyeliner with metallic purples and pinksUpload 10

Shades of pinkUpload 11

Brown lips and smudged liner Upload 14


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