I’m Nabila, I’m from Bangladesh, and I love and adore Indian sub continental fashion. I am obsessed with the colours, fabrics, textures, designs and motifs that make sub-continental clothing and jewellery so exceptionally beautiful.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to intertwine my passion for ethnic elegance with one of the most important events in my life; my big, fat, Bangladeshi wedding. Having lived in Australia for several years, I have come to realise that the world outside Bangladeshi borders knows very little about our weddings and wedding traditions. My friends overseas have been immensely curious about my wedding and the question “so, what exactly are Bangladeshi weddings like?” has popped up innumerous times. I have frequently struggled to condense my explanations to a few sentences and this struggle has inspired me to document my entire wedding. And I say ‘entire’ because our wedding related festivities and celebrations not only extend to days, but weeks 🙂

My posts however, will not be limited to wedding related activities, as I will be posting about all events and celebrations that require (read: give me an excuse) to dress up in our stunning traditional attires.

Blog pic

With my beautiful mother ❤

I have also been extraordinary lucky. My wonderful mother, Shamima Nabi, has been designing, importing, retailing and manufacturing exclusive garments of Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani origin for several years, giving me a seemingly endless supply of gorgeous attires. Usually, designers tend to name their brands after themselves, however, my mother, out of the love of her heart decided to name it after me, Nabila. All of the traditional attires I will be showing here will be from the collections of Nabila, which my mom has so meticulously put together.

Happy browsing!

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