Beauty without bling: The black and white anarkali


Dress: Nabila

In traditional South Asian clothing, the use of sequins, crystals, beading and metallic threads is extremely popular, especially in the case of evening wear. Although I generally love such detailing, sometimes, I feel like dressing up without the use of any garment or jewellery that’s flashy. This black and white anarkali is perfect for such times.


The georgette body of the dress allows it to drape and fall beautifully and its rich black colour is flattering on all body types. Traditional motifs have been embroidered all around the bottom of the dress, the chest and the ends of the sleeves with contrasting white threads.

The dress also comes with a long dupatta/ orna (scarf) that you can style in a variety of ways, so you wear the same dress on different occasions in different styles.

It’s also an extremely comfortable attire! It’s perfect for the times when you’ve had a busy day and have to dress up for an occasion but want a dress that keeps you comfortable.


Dress: Nabila

IMG_8644I decided to wear minimal jewellery and chose to pair the dress with black patent leather loafers. I know loafers and anarkalis are not a traditional pairing, but to me, the uniqueness of the pairing just makes it more appealing.


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