Another look for Ramadan (or any other day of the year)

This look is a little something I put together on my way to work. Because my field of work involves working with traditional fashion, I like to wear clothes such as the salwaar kameez, also known as a ‘suit’ in various parts of the Indian subcontinent.


Although I believe the saree is one the most beautiful garments a woman can wear, I rarely wear them to work because a) the draping of the saree takes a while, b) I am very particular about the way my saree is styled and pinned, and c) I feel like I may trip and fall and horribly embarrass myself.

I have great respect for all the women in Bangladesh who so gracefully wear the saree on a regularly basis. I, on the other hand, am lazy and require a bit of practice. So for now I’m saving my sarees for events or special occasions.

The kameez I am wearing is extremely comfortable. The palazzo trousers have become immensely popular lately, so you can stuff yourselves during iftaar and not have to worry about bursting out of your clothes after (yes, I am guilty of this). The print on the trousers gives the otherwise largely black attire a bit of character and I love it.


Dress: Nabila

The dress itself has three traditional motifs placed vertically down the middle, and these motifs paired with the v-neckline and middle parting really adds a bit of height. Standing at 5’4, I’m told I’m of average height but I’ve always wanted to be just a little bit taller.

Since I was also supposed to meet up with a few family members for iftaar, I decided to dress up the outfit slightly by letting my hair down, adding a touch of jewellery and putting on a pair of heels. Although strappy sandals tend to be the general go to when it comes to kameezes, I opted for black loafer pumps with a chunky gold heel. It’s a little unorthodox but I like the look and think the black and gold on the shoes complement the black-gold-mustard combination on the dress.


Dress: Nabila

To complete the look, I kept my eyes relatively simple but went for a bold, red lip.


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